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Who We Are

Ops Financial Solutions is a concierge financial service platform supported by proprietary blockchain technology that is focused on providing solid financial solutions for tough-to-bank industries, companies, and individuals.

EBB is a high-speed transaction platform designed to support the movement of monetary values without the barriers of points systems and fiat currencies. Without these barriers, consumers and merchants on the system can convert anything to anything. It allows for full tracking of a transaction from end to end using a secure “Tunnel in a Tunnel” type communications.

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-Single source to setup desired accounts

- Transfer deposits to any financial institution

- Twenty-four-hour access to accounts

- Worldwide access via encrypted online portal

Safe & Secure Cash Management

-Licensed and armored pick up/transportation

-Full traceability and auditing for customers via ACH’S proprietary technology

-Deposit cash in an accredited, licensed, insured financial facility

-private and secure access

Loan & Credit Line

-Loans against deposited capital, up to 140%

-Attractive rates,flexible terms and no early pay off penalty

-Flexible lines that allow customers to use the money when and if they need it

Expert Support

Ops Financial Solutions is here to assist with any of your financial needs. Please request an application, and one of our banking solution officers will be in touch to discuss your options.


- Eliminate charge backs

- Quick approval & setup

-Identifying and securing licenses

-Deposit cash in an accredited, licensed, insured financial facility


-Invoice Factoring

-Approvals within 24 hours

-Cash within 72 hours of approval

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A perfect solution for your payment and currency storage needs.

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Open and deliver international bank accounts with top tier banks. Each Account shall not be subjected to closure no matter what. All transactions with the accounts are encrypted, therefore allowing the bank to see a simple debit and a credit per transaction. We have simplified the merchant process by instituting our state-of-the-art encryption technology. End users and merchants do not have to identify specific on line purchases and our proprietary technology addresses that issue.

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Identifying and securing licenses in many states currently have available licensing in almost every state offering eBanking within the international community. We own several bank licenses which allow large deposits.